Ingleborough Soundscape Project

This project is available for public Spotting but Trapping is restricted. If you would like to join this project as a Trapper please contact us at

Good, the photo has drawn you in! Here we have a creature totally tuned into the natural environment. He sees all, hears all, smells all but tells us nothing.  That’s why we would like your help.

During 2019 and 2020 three retired friends have set themselves a task – to understand more about wildness. Two areas of the Ingleborough National Reserve have been managed over many years in a way that reduces human interference and stops farm stock grazing. This gives us a great opportunity to see what moorland and ancient woodlands can become and what wildlife they can support. The sites will be monitored for birds, vegetation, butterflies/moths and mammals. As Natural England have records going back many years it will be possible to see what the effects of the  ‘re-wilding’ are. The project also involves sampling the sounds on the sites to see if there can be a measure of acoustic richness given to these more wild areas.   We have been given a great deal of help and support by Natural England, the UK Acoustics Network and the Wildland Research Institute.

We are volunteers and would really appreciate your help in spotting all the wildlife on our camera trap photographs.  

This project has the following subprojects:

Soundscape camera trap stills

Soundscape camera trap videos

Soundscape small mammal stills

Soundscape small mammal videos