MammalWeb Britain

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The MammalWeb Britain project aims to enlist the public in helping us to catalogue Britain’s mammalian biodiversity, and to understand what species are around us, where they occur, and what aspects of the environment impact on their occurrence and activity.


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The MammalNet project is assessing the potential of voluntary citizen involvement for mammal monitoring across Europe. How much can citizens contribute to mammal monitoring in Europe using camera traps?


BTO Garden BirdWatch

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BTO Garden BirdWatch collects information on birds, mammals and other wildlife using gardens across the UK. This project enables participants who use camera traps to provide even richer data.

Mammal Society UMAC

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Project where teams participating in the Mammal Society University Mammal Challenge can upload and classify footage

MammalWeb at Deerbolt

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MammalWeb is supporting Deerbolt Prison to create a Wildlife Community Engagement Hub. An interactive MammalWeb touchscreen in the visitor centre allows visitors to classify camera trap images taken around the prison and learn about local wildlife.

Bunloit Rewilding

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A project set up to document the mammals of the Bunloit Estate, a rewilding project on the shores of Loch Ness.

Scottish Wildcats

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This project includes official (led previously by Scottish Wildcat Action) and community-led surveys throughout the range of the Scottish wildcat.

Small Mammal Camera Trapping

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This project uses specially adapted camera traps to study small mammals such as mice, voles, and shrews.

Thamesmead Small Mammal Monitoring

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The Thamesmead small mammal monitoring project is part of a raft of projects designed around the biodiversity action plan for Thamesmead.

Watching Nature Recover – Mid Wales

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A wildlife awareness and recording project in the Brecon Beacons National Park and across Powys.

Squirrel monitoring

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Umbrella project for squirrel monitoring projects

The Ecclesall Woods project

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Ecclesall Woods are the largest ancient woodland in South-Yorkshire and are located in Sheffield’s south western corner, near the Peak District National Park border.

Forest of Dean Photos

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This project contains photos collected through a systematic grid of camera traps in the Forest of Dean in collaboration with the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

Forest of Dean Pine martens

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Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Forestry England, Forest Research and Vincent Wildlife Trust are collaborating on a project to reintroduce pine martens to the Forest of Dean. In September 2019 the first individuals were released in to the forest. Translocated animals were collar

Forest of Dean Videos

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This project contains videos collected through a systematic grid of camera traps in the Forest of Dean in collaboration with the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

The River Rother Project

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Project run by the Don Catchment Rivers Trust to document wildlife along the river Rother.

BES Encounters

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This project is organized as part of the British Ecological Society’s Connecting schools with nature project in North East England. We are working with primary schools to transform

County Durham Survey

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A large-scale camera trapping project to study mammal distribution, abundance and behaviour across County Durham. For this project, camera traps were placed in a systematic grid of 109 sites over summer 2018.

How to be a Young North East Naturalist

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How to be a Young North East Naturalist is a project run by the Natural History Society of Northumbria, delivering nature-based learning to 200+ young people from across the North East of England.

Ingleborough NNR

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Camera trapping on the Ingleborough National Nature Reserve.

NWMC Camera Trapping

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The National Wildlife Management Centre, APHA, performs a number of scientific studies usually aimed at single species recording.

NatureSpy North York Moors Photos

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NatureSpy is a social enterprise specialising in camera trap projects. This project contains photographs collected by our camera traps on the North York Moors, as part of the Pine Marten Support Programme in partnership with the Forestry Commission.

NatureSpy North York Moors Videos

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NatureSpy is a social enterprise specialising in camera trap projects. This project contains videos collected by our camera traps on the North York Moors, as part of the Pine Marten Support Programme in partnership with the Forestry Commission.

North Pennines NNRs

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The North Pennines National Nature Reserves are located across County Durham, Cumbria and Northumberland, and incorporate a wide variety of rare habitat types. Help us to document the mammals that are found in these unique areas.

Riverlution: Revealing Rivers

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Riverlution: Revealing Rivers by River Stewardship Company is looking at bird and mammal biodiversity on urban rivers in Sheffield.

Schools impact study

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This project is for schools participating in a study of the value of different types of engagement activity, and the wider benefits of school engagement.

Small mustelid camera trapping

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Weasels and stoats are notoriously challenging to study, as they are infrequently seen and field signs are rarely found. Whilst both species are considered to be widespread and common in Britain, there is very little data on their abundance and population trend

Wildlife of Adventures Mammal Project

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This project is based in London and focuses mainly on larger carnivores, such as foxes and badgers, but is also interested in the other animals that pass by as well as the amount of public traffic.

Hancock Museum

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The project engaged local schools in camera trapping across the northeast to help understand the wildlife on their doorstep as part of the activities for 'Dippy on Tour'.

MammalWeb at Rainton Meadows

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This project allows people to classify camera trap images taken at Rainton Meadows Nature Reserve, either online on MammalWeb, or on a MammalWeb terminal in the visitor centre.


BES Outreach Day

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A project containing photos from the camera traps at Ushaw college.

GAP camera trapping project

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Photos in this project are from camera traps put out by students at GAP in County Durham.

Cotswold Canals Connected

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Cotswold Canals Connected is a restoration project that aims to link up the Stroudwater canal from Stonehouse to Saul Junction in Gloucestershire. 

BES summer schools

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The British Ecological Society's summer schools for students across the British Isles.

Hedgehog Monitoring Project (NHMP)

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This novel project will produce robust national population estimates for the much-loved hedgehog.

Mammals of Beds; Cambs; and Northants

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A collaborative effort to collect more mammal records from across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.

Bonfire night 2021

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This project seeks evidence for impacts on the activity of animals associated with celebrations of Guy Fawkes' night on the 5th of November and thereafter. 


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STEMtoSTEM is a Citizen Science project to empower the children in our communities to be the next generation of environmentally and socially responsible leaders that will create a positive impact, enabling them to be self-reliant and take control of their futures.

Thornhill Carrs

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Thornhill Carrs Nature Reserve:

This 30 hectare area of former farmland is a unique site, rare within The Peak District National Park for its unmanaged Wildness. It is currently home to a fantastic array of wild woodland, scrub, and beautiful wild flower meadows.

Wild London

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Many of London's cemeteries are centuries old and have become very overgrown. After extensive camera trapping we have a wealth of photos from both cemeteries and the nearby parks, and want to explore which species we have found there.

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