MammalWeb UK

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The MammalWeb UK project aims to enlist the public in helping us to catalogue the UK’s mammalian biodiversity, to understand what species are around us and where they occur.

County Durham Survey

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A large-scale camera trapping project to study mammal distribution, abundance and behaviour across County Durham. For this project, camera traps were placed in a systematic grid of 109 sites over summer 2018.

Hancock Museum

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The project is engaging local schools in camera trapping across the northeast to help understand the wildlife on their doorstep as part of the activities for ‘Dippy on Tour’

Ingleborough NNR

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Camera trapping on the Ingleborough National Nature Reserve.

NatureSpy North York Moors

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NatureSpy is a social enterprise specialising in camera trap projects. Our camera traps on the North York Moors are part of the Pine Marten Support Programme in partnership with the Forestry Commission.

North Pennines NNRs

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The North Pennines National Nature Reserves are located across County Durham, Cumbria and Northumberland, and incorporate a wide variety of rare habitat types. Help us to document the mammals that are found in these unique areas.

Schools impact study

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This project is for schools participating in a study of the value of different types of engagement activity, and the wider benefits of school engagement.

Scottish Wildcats

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Scottish Wildcats Project (Scottish Wildcat Action). This project includes official (Scottish Wildcat Action) and community-led surveys throughout the range of the Scottish wildcat.

Small Mammal Camera Trapping

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This project uses specially adapted camera traps to study small mammals such as mice, voles, and shrews.

Squirrel monitoring

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Umbrella project for squirrel monitoring projects

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