Trapper Welcome

To be a trapper you need:

  • An automatic camera trap.
  • Access to a piece of land where you can place the camera.
  • A good internet connection and plenty of time to upload the pictures from your camera.

 You will need to log in to get started.

After you log in for the first time, please add a new site that describes where you deployed your camera, information about your camera, and its habitat. When this is done, you can start uploading your camera trap photos to Mammal Web!

Important reminders:

  • The system ONLY accepts JPEG image files (extension .jpeg or .jpg), so please set your cameras to take photos in that format and not video clips!
  • Please remember the times and dates of when you set up and retrieved your camera traps, since they are critical to our scientific analyses! Also remember to set the correct time and date into the cameras, too!
  • If your camera did not take any photos during the time it was out, please tick the box called "No images within this time" on the upload page. No observations of animals is useful data as well!