Last festive picture found!


Congratulations to Justine Thompson, who found the final seasonally-adjusted MammalWeb picture! This means that all three pictures have now been found, so congratulations to all our prize-winners: Elliot Tebbs, Clive Moulding and Justine Thompson.  Their prizes will soon be in the mail!

More generally, thanks to everyone who has contributed massively to Spotting over recent weeks.  Over the last month, a fantastic 12,000 sequences have been classified for the MammalWeb UK project!  For the first time ever, we are now teasingly-close to having all MammalWeb sequences classified at least once.  That's a huge achievement.  Keep an eye on the project page to watch our progress towards that goal.  You will also see that NatureSpy have uploaded a new batch of images from their cameras in the North York Moors.  Their baited traps have yielded some beautiful pictures already, with red foxes a common visitor; what else might be in there?