The National Wildlife Management Centre, APHA, performs a number of scientific studies usually aimed at single species recording.

This project seeks evidence for impacts on the activity of animals associated with celebrations of Guy Fawkes' night on the 5th of November and thereafter. 

This project contains records obtained by photo-trapping in several locations in the province of Cordoba (Spain). The project is carried out by students of Biology of the University of Cordoba, and coordinated by professors José Guerrero and Francisco S. Tortosa of the Department of Zoology.

Support Emirates Nature-WWF by becoming a citizen scientist and supporting the analysis of underwater videos and camera trap images to help conserve the UAE’s biodiversity. 

We would like your help in recording and mapping which mammals are found in Bedfordshire – be it in setting up a trail cam on your local patch or identifying the species other trail cams have digitally captured.

For more information on Bedfordshire’s mammals please visit Mammals in Bedfordshire

If you’d like to put a trail camera up on one of the Wildlife Trust nature reserves that is great, just make sure you contact us first so we know it’s there and can make suggestions on placement, if necessary. Contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A subproject of the MAMMALNET initiative, assessing the potential to expand citizen-led camera trapping to monitor mammals across Italy.

MammalWeb is supporting Deerbolt Prison to create a Wildlife Community Engagement Hub. An interactive MammalWeb touchscreen in the visitor centre allows visitors to classify camera trap images taken around the prison and learn about local wildlife.